If you are so unfortunate as to have contracted the Jpw. habit of smoking, be careful to practise it under certain restrictions; at least, so long as you are desirous of being considered fit for civilized society.

The first mark of a gentleman is a sensitive regard for the feelings of others; therefore, smoke where it is least likely to prove personally offensive by making your clothes smell; then wash your mouth, and brush your teeth. What man of delicacy could presume to address a lady with his breath smelling of onions? Yet tobacco is equally oaious. The tobacco smoker, in public, is the most selfish animal imaginable; he perseveres in contaminating the pure and fragrant air, careless whom he annoys, and is but the fitting inmate of a tavern.

Smoking in the streets, or in a theatre, is only practised by shop-boys, pseudo-fashionables — and the “Swell Mob.”

Praise of smoking in magazines or newspapers

All songs that you may see written in praise of smoking in magazines or newspapers, or hear sung upon the stage, are puffs, paid for by the proprietors of cigar divans and tobacco shops, to make their trade popular, — therefore, never believe nor be deluded by them.

Chewing tobacco is an abominable habit, which has ascended to the better ranks in America from those “ancient mariners” who were the followers of the original settlers. It is a custom, therefore, essentially vulgar — often lamented, indeed, by those unfortunate enough to practise it, yet who are without the strength of mind sufficient to discontinue it. The spitting consequent on chewing tobacco, has been made matter of grave comment, or of well- founded ridicule, by all foreigners who have visited the United States. It is, indeed, directly at variance with all the decencies of life. What an article is a spittoon as an appendage to a handsomely furnished drawing-room! What a nasty receptacle for a secretion entirely the result of an unnecessary practice! Half the consumptions in America are brought on by people spitting up their lungs. Besides, how few men would like to c’do the sentimental” to a lady given to “chaw”! Gentlemen, then, should reverse the case, and ask themselves whether ladies would not, at all times, give a preference to those who are not addicted to so disagreeable a practice.

In public places, too, only reflect on the offensive necessity of stepping over pools of brown spittle! or the still more disgusting task of wading through it! The first step towards becoming “gentlemen” is the abandonment of habits universally reprobated ‘in civilized life.

Never be seen in cigar divans or billiard rooms; they are frequented, at best, by an equivocal set. Nothing good can be gained there — and a man loses ms respectability by being seen entering or coming out of such places.



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My name is Bisera and I am a student at university. I am still at the beginning of my road. I believe that I have to improve and get better always.

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