The famine lasted for 12 years

The famine lasted for 12 years, and so to be able to shield themselves many a Jaina went to the south below the management of .Bhadrabahu, however the remainder of them stayed again in Magadha below the management of Sthalabahu. The immigrant Jainas unfold Jainism in south India On the finish of the famine they got here again to Magadha, the place they developed variations with the native Jainas, Those that got here again from the south claimed that even throughout the famine they strictly noticed the non secular guidelines, however, they alleged, the Jaina ascetics dwelling in Magadha had violated these guidelines and develop into lax. As a way to kind out these variations and to compile the primary teachings of Jainism a council was convened in Pataliputra, fashionable Patna, however the, southern Jainas boycotted the council and refused to just accept its choices. , From now onwards the southerners started to be referred to as digambaras, and the Magadhans svetambaras. Nonetheless, epigraphic proof for the unfold of Jainism in Karnataka is just not sooner than the third century A.D. In subsequent centuries, particularly from .the sixth century, quite a few Jaina monastic institutions referred to as basadis sprang up m Karnataka and have been granted land by the kings for his or her assist

Jainism unfold to Kalmga in Orissa within the fourth century B.C., and within the first century B C- it loved the patronage of the Kalinga king Kharavela who had defeated the princes of Andhra and Magadha. Within the .second and first centuries B.C it additionally appears to have reached the southern districts of Tamil Nadu. In later centuries Jainism penetrated Malwa, Gujarat and Rajasthan, and even now these areas have a superb variety of Jainas, primarily engaged in commerce and commerce. Though Jainism didn’t win as a lot state patronage as Buddhism did and didn’t unfold very quick in early occasions, it nonetheless retains its maintain within the areas the place it unfold. However Buddhism has virtually disappeared from the’Indian subcontinent,

Contribution of Jainism

Jainism made the primary critical try to mitigate the evils of the varria older and the ritualistic Vedic faith The early Jamas discarded Sanskrit language primarily patronized by the brahmanas. They adopted Prakrit language of the widespread individuals to evangelise their doctrines Their non secular literature was written in Ardhamagadhi, and the texts have been lastly compiled within the sixth century A.D in Gujarat at a spot referred to as Valabhi, a fantastic centre of schooling. The adoption of Prakrit by the Jainas helped the expansion of this language and its literature Many regional languages developed out of Prakrit languages, particulaily Sauraseni, out of which grew the Marathi language The Jainas composed the earliest vital works in Apabhramsa and its first grammaL. The Jaina literature incorporates epics, Puranas, novels and drama. A big portion of the Jaina writing continues to be within the type of manuscripts, which haven’t been printed and that are discovered within the Jaina shrines of Gujarat and Rajasthan In early medieval occasions the Jamas additionally made good use of Sanskrit and wrote many texts on this language Final however not the least, they contributed to the expansion of Kannada, m which they wrote extensively.


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