In the meantime the wolf had discovered a good friend

In the meantime the wolf had discovered a good friend within the woods within the particular person of a charcoal-burner. At any time when he got here earlier than the wolf he started to wag his tail and have become, as mild as a iamb. The charcoal-burner had slightly hut m the woods the place he slept. In time the wolf took up his quarters exterior the door of the hut. The person gave him food and drinks, and all went effectively with each of them.

The individuals, nevertheless, complained of the harm carried out to their flocks by the ferocious wolf. Finally the nobles of the dominion consulted the king as to what was to be carried out. The king listened very attentively to all that they needed to inform in regards to the wolf and his doings. After due consideration he issued a royal proclamation, through which it was said that ‘‘whosoever ought to deliver the wolf, lifeless or alive, earlier than the king ought to obtain the hand of the one daughter of the king in marriage, and on the loss of life of the king he ought to succeed to the throne.”

One of many king’s knights heard of this splendid alternative of successful fame and a kingdom. He knowledgeable the king that he was prepared to attempt to seize the wolf. Directly he set out and got here to the woods. He met the charcoal-burner, and requested him if he might direct him to the wolf’s observe.

“ That, certainly, can I do,” mentioned he; “ but when I could make daring to advise so noble and courageous a knight, to whom I’ve the excessive privilege and honour of talking, I might most earnestly beseech you to retrace your steps and to depart the ferocious wolf alone. He’s certain to kill you. In case you worth your life you’ll do effectively to keep away from this horrible beast.”

“ However,” asks the knight. “ are you able to inform me how is it that you just handle to stay right here within the woods the place the fierce wolf hides itself I”

“ I can reply that,” replies the charcoal- burner ; “ I don’t attempt to kill him. and he’s a really understanding wolf. It is going to shock you to listen to that we’re, in actual fact, quick associates.”

“ That is actually very shocking,’’ says the knight.

“ Sure,” solutions the charcoal-burner, “ I actually consider that the wolf is a bewitched man.”



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My name is Bisera and I am a student at university. I am still at the beginning of my road. I believe that I have to improve and get better always.

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